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 Douglas King

Douglas King

Vice President

National Healthcare Sector Leader

Project Managers Advisors, Inc.

Chicago, IL

Doug has over 40 years of strategic advisory and planning related experience in the healthcare sector. His project portfolio ranges from large scale comprehensive medical centers, to replacement hospitals, to smaller scale community hospitals. His three areas of expertise are
a) High Rise Healthcare Design; b) Resilient/Emergency Response in Healthcare and c) Population Health Management/Community Health.

Doug has been recognized as an influencer in the US healthcare facilities arena by such groups as Globe St and Healthcare Design Magazine and regularly speaks at conferences and universities across the US. He was selected as the top Healthcare Architect in the US [HCD 10 awardee] in 2020-21 by the US based Healthcare Design Magazine.

His experience in addressing the topics of community resilience and population health management include serving at the lead Technical Advisor for the McCormick Place Alternative Care Facility, a 3000 Bed Alternative Care/Covid response facility in Chicago, and is a contributor to the 2022 Facilities Guideline Institute (FGI) Emergency Response Standards – the healthcare code in 45 of the 50 US States.

Doug is also a member of the 2021 Urban Land Institute (ULI) Health Leaders Network an international elected body of healthcare experts. This think tank includes healthcare planners, architects, urban designers, clinicians, developers and public health officials.

Lastly, Doug has presented extensively at national healthcare and urban design conferences on the subject of Population Health Management as an urban design challenge that needs to engage not only hospital leadership, public health officials and civic leaders towards their common goals of providing healthy environments with equitable health access for all.

He has several US academic appointments include the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana and at Kansas University’s Health and Wellness Graduate Program and has conducted IRB approved funded healthcare research though the Stantec “Greenlight” Grant program.


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