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Speaker Presentations 2023

Presentation PDF links 2023

Main Speakers

Session 01  Ask AHCA 2023_Scott_Alday.pdf

Session 02 Hurricane Ian Lessons in Resilency_Kistel et al.pdf

Session 03 FGI Guidelines Changes in the 2022 Edition_Livingston.pdf

Session 04 ICRA Principals Streifel.pdf

Session 20 Childrens Hospitals Smith FPC_2023.pdf

Session 21  NFPA 99 O'Connor FPC Seminar 2023.pdf

Session 22 Regulating Good Design_Taylor FPC.pdf

Architecture Sessions

Session 05 Imaging Room Langlands_Matuszewski .pdf

Session 06 Influence of Technology Gaarde et al.pdf

Session 07 Behavioral Health Wysocki et al.pdf

Session 23-24 Advanced FBC Gregory-Peterkin.pdf

Mechanical Engineering Sessions

Session 08 ASHRAE 170 Johnson_Sheerin.pdf

Session 09 Medical Gas NFPA 99 Rumbos_Willard.pdf

Session 10 Ventilation System Resiliency Hamilton_Woods.pdf

Electrical Engineering Sessions

Session 11 CMS Microgrid Waivers_Chisholm.pdf

Session 11a Microgrid Inof.pdf

Session 12 Electrical Receptacle Biason_Zborowsky.pdf

Session 13 NFPA 72 Reiswig.pdf

Facility Engineering/Contractors Sessions

Session 14 Ten Secrets Bhusari et al.pdf

Session 15  ICRA Panel Booth et al.pdf

Session 16 Those Weren't the Droids_Gelfo.pdf

Session 27 Road Map Flannery.pdf

Session 28 Deemed Status Survey Butts.pdf

Fire Safety

Session 17 NFPA 1 FPC Seminar 2023.pdf

Session 18 What's in Your Wall Gresham Smith.pdf

Session 19 Firestop Inspections Miller.pdf

Session 29 ITM of Fire Alarms Crowley.pdf

Mechanical Electrical

Session 25 Improving OR Visual Comfort_Andrei_Steward.pdf

Session 26 Evolving Code and Regulatory Challanges King_Jagdev.pdf

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